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Atlantis Mint is based in Parsonsburg, Maryland, and was incorporated in 2012. They specialize in poured and minted silver bars. The Atlantis Mint is family owned and operated, and have made quite a mark on the hand poured silver collecting community. They offer a wide variety of weights and designs including unconventional weights and three dimensional shapes. Their rugged designs, reminiscent of pirate booty, makes them a unique contributor. They have definitely differentiated themselves among other 1 oz Atlantis Mint Silver Skullpopular private mints.

Their east coast location illicit visions of rainy cool whether, hiking in the woods, coffee on a misty morning, and treasure hunting as a kid. Their silver possesses character, making their pieces a favorite among silver stackers. Atlantis was a mythical island city (although some believe it to have existed). As told by Plato,  after Atlantis planned on attacking Athens, Greece, it fell out of favor with the Greek gods. As the analogy goes, it fell victim to its hubris as a nation. Ultimately the island city sinks into the Atlantic Ocean. This story bolstered Plato’s suggestion of city states (smaller government), as illustrated in Plato’s Republic.

Atlantis Mint isn’t far from the Atlantic Ocean, which makes the name appropriate no matter what time or epoch in history. By the looks of their bars, one can tell they really like what they do and have fun creating. They create pieces that include silver 1/2, 1 , 2, and event 10 troy ounce skulls, Jolly Roger (skull and bones) designs, and astrological symbols.  They have bars stamped with the Cancer crab, Pieces fish, Taurus bull, Scorpio scorpion, Virgo virgin, Capricorn goat,  and other popular and mystical signs and symbols of antiquity.

Review of Atlantis Mint:

1 oz Atlantis Mint Silver Cancer
According to a Kitco forum discussion, Atlantis Mint may have had a rocky start. In 2014, some were asking about other’s thoughts on the mint and some replied that they were not the best at communication. As a result, we assume they’ve worked it out since then. With any newer operation you’ve got to juggle many things such as smelting the pieces, fulfilling B2b orders, branding, innovation, and 100 other concerns.

They were selling bars made from aluminium and other metals at the time. We could see how offering other lesser metals could discount a silver or gold casting company perception-wise. This could irrationally lead a purchaser or potential purchaser to think he/she was not getting the pure product of his or her desire.  They have since dropped all other metals except silver.

Since that time in 2014, they seem to only be growing and flourishing. They are carried on a handful of the major precious metals retailer sites. They are highly popular not only with the retailers and merchandisers of their products, but direct buyers. Their videos show a small, but high-grade operation, even though they don’t engage in much advertising other than an email list. We enjoy their products and wish them continued success.

Mint Location:

Parsonsburg, Maryland. They have a P.O. box listed. According to census records, Parsonsburg, Maryland, only has about 339 in population. That doesn’t mean the mint not actually there, but it could just be a place where they pick up their mail. Then again, having their mint in a rural area may be the perfect place to smelt away unnoticed and not bothered. It’s none of our business, even though we are highly curious. We like their products and would love to tour the mint if it’s for public view.

We don’t condemn them for not listing their physical location for prying eyes and thieves should not be handled the backdoor keys on a silver platter (no pun intended).

Atlantis Mint’s Claim to Fame:

Hand poured silver bars of different shapes and sizes. Their one and two ounce three dimensional skull pours seem to be a favorite among silver stackers and collectors. Furthermore, silver collectors that like to accessorize their collections with fun storage solutions will purchase one of Atlantis Mint’s Treasure Chests. With every treasure chest purchase comes a 1 oz hand poured silver bar.


Atlantis Mint Treasure Chest

As mentioned before, they have wide variety of unique bars and three dimensional silver objects. A couple we have not mentioned that seem to be popular as well are: 1 troy oz liberty eagle heads, 1/2 troy alien skulls (looks mostly human, but with a twist). Others on YouTube and popular videos sites have attempted to copy Atlantis Mint by forging their own version of their unique products.

Videos of the Mint:

They have no less than 70 videos on Google+. All are no more than two minutes long with most being no more than 28 seconds long. Below are three of their more compelling videos showing some of their most popular products.

In this video, which is almost a year old, the presenter shows their new 1 oz, 2 oz, 5 oz, skulls, which were new products at the time. A dog barks in the background, which means this mint may be in someone’s backyard. Or maybe they have guard dogs at their place of business. Either is fine with us.

The foundry is burning in the back while the presenter shows this beautiful skull and buccaneer blades hand poured silver bar.

The presenter shows this beautiful Liberty Eagle hand poured silver bar. This video was most likely made at the same time from an iPhone.

We absolutely love this one. A company owner decided to contract Atlantis Mint to create a custom order. The company ordered 800, 25 ounces, silver bars and plans one to each one of their employees for 25 years in business. That’s a $500 bonus at today’s spot prices, if you’re doing the math.


Atlantis’ Mint’s BBB listing simply states that its Principal and Vice President is Mr. Mike Durbin and and that its President is Mr. Cody Durbin. We’ll give more information when we find out more, and believe us, we would like to know who the movers and shakers at this innovative mint. We’d also like more information about Atlantis Mint that’s not readily accessible via their website or public records. This isn’t because we’re nosy, we’re just big fans! If you know more about Atlantis Mint, contact us here.

Atlantis Mint

Content updated on May 10th, 2017.