Geiger Edelmetalle

The Geiger Edelmetalle GmbH is a family owned company in Germany, which is obligated to the trade of high-quality bars, rounds and coins made of gold, silver, platinum, palladium or copper.

The corporate headquarters and the first registered office of the company is the Schloss Güldengossa near Leipzig, which was built in 1720. This real treasure of late Baroque is wedded with world-famous personalities such as Johann Sebastian Bach and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who were attached to precious metals as well.

Due to the strategic cooperation with their sister company, the Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung GmbH, they can offer our customers precious metals products of in-house production. To ensure this appropriate fabrication they preserved an industrial building from the 1930s from demolition. The former control room of the huge power plant Espenhain is now the domicile of production, as well as for logistics, high-security strongroom, and management. Here they show their understanding and appreciation of sustainability: by preserving outstanding buildings from the past and by using them for meaningful economic activities we build a solid bridge to the present and the future.

In the german market Geiger Edelmetalle appears as a wholesale merchant for trading partners and private customers, meeting their individual and commercial requirements perfectly. We are also the only private mint in Germany, which globally produces and distributes a silver bullion coin of a sovereign state – the Noah’s Ark, issued by the Armenian Central Bank.