Government Mints of the World

Government Mints can be found all over the world. This is a list of 72. If you want to learn more about government mints, you can refer to our main mints page, which goes over the difference between government vs. private mints. Each mint has its own page, as well as a small description below about what makes it different.


Andorra – Servei D’Emissions Vegueira Episcopal
Austria – Austrian Mint AG
Australia – Royal Australian Mint
Australia – Perth Mint
Bavarian State Mint
Belgium – Royal Belgian Mint
Casa de Moneda de Mexico (Mexico Mint)
Monnaie Royale de Belgique
Koninklijke Munt van België”
Bermuda Bermuda Monetary Authority
Brazil Casa Da Moeda Do Brasil
Bulgaria Bulgarian National Bank
Canada Royal Canadian Mint
Cayman Islands Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
China, People’s Republic of China Gold Coin Inc. (CGCI)
China, Republic of Central Mint of China
Croatia Croatian Mint
Cuba Central Bank of Cuba
Czech Republic Czech Mint
Cyprus Central Bank of Cyprus
Denmark Danmarks Nationalbank
Egypt Central Bank of Egypt
Euromint Euromint Project
Fiji Reserve Bank of Fiji
Finland Mint of Finland
France Paris Mint, Monnaie de Paris
Germany Verkaufsstelle fur Sammlermunzen der Bundesrepublik
Great Britain The British Royal Mint
Great Britain The Birmingham Mint
Great Britain Pobjoy Mint Ltd
Greece Bank of Greece
Hungary Magyar Nemzeti Bank
Iceland Central Bank of Iceland
India India Government Mint, Alipore Mint Kolkata
Indonesia Indonesian Security Printing & Minting Co.
IMMDC International Mint Market Development Council
Iraq Central Bank of Iraq
Ireland Central Bank of Ireland
Islamic Mint Islamic Mint
Israel Israel Government Coins and Medals Corporation
Italy Zecca di Stato – Istituto Polografica e Zecca dello Stato
Japan Japan Mint
Jersey I.R. Monins
Jordan Central Bank of Jordan
Korea, North A.K. Jain
Korea, South Seoul Mint
Lesotho Central Bank of Lesotho
Luxembourg Caisse Generale de L’Etat
Macau Instituto Emissor de Macau E.P.
Malaysia The Royal Mint of Malaysia
Malta, Order of Il Sovrano Militare Ordine di Malta
Mexico Banco de Mexico
Netherlands Royal Dutch Mint
New Zealand New Zealand Mint
Norway Royal Norwegian Mint
Poland Polish State Mint, Mennica Panstwowa S.A.
Portugal Casada da Moeda
Russia Mezhnumizmatika
San Marino Dr. Marino Zanotti, Azienda Autonomado di Stato
Sierra Leone Bank of Sierra Leone
Singapore Singapore Mint
Slovakia Kremnica Mint
Slovenia Banka Slovenije
South Africa South African Mint
Spain Spanish Royal Mint, Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre
Sweden Swedish Central Bank, Sveriges Riksbank
Sweden Swedish Mint, Nordic Coin AB Svenska Myntverket
Switzerland Banque Nationale Suisse
Thailand The Royal Decorations and Coins Division
Turkey Turkish Mint
USA United States of America U.S. Mint
Vatican City Filatelico e Numismatico