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Private Mints Silver Casting

Private mints break the mold (no pun intended) when it comes to the gold and silver pieces they produce. Many choose to create unique rounds, bars, and other objects that baffle the mind. They will contract a renown artist, or do it themselves. We’ve attempted to list only the best and most reputable private mints in the United States. We’ve listed them without regard to preference, only alphabetically. Bookmark this page and check back to see this list grown over time. For more information, follow each link to learn more about each mint and get access to their websites. For most, you can order direct, but others go through retailers for smaller orders.

A – F – Private Mints

A-Mark –  This is a long-lived private mint that ships out of Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s based in El Segundo, California.  A-Mark is an official distributor for many Government Mints. They service The Royal Canadian Mint, The South African Mint, The Australian (Perth) Mint,  and the US Mint. Read more about A-Mark.

Anonymous Mint –  This private mint offers a number of Nordic god & creature rounds. The detail of their rounds is amazing.  It’s clear on their site all were designed by one person, Julie Lindquist. They are located in the same state as the original US Mint, Pennsylvania. Read more about Anonymous Mint.

Asahi Refining – This 60 year-old refinery bought Johnson Matthey in 2014. Their popular 100 ounce silver bars look similar. The company operates in six countries processing: gold, silver, and platinum group metals. Asahi Refining’s bars are approved by LBMA and COMEX. Read more about Asahi Refining.

Atlantis Mint – One of the newest private mints, this Maryland-based company offers a wide variety of weights and designs. Their designs include irregular weights and 3D shapes. Their signature pieces look like pirate booty with iconic Jolly Roger, making them a unique choice. Read more about Atlantis Mint.

Elemetal – This mint started in Dallas, Texas, and is now one of the largest American-owned precious metals companies.  Their service offerings include melting, minting, selling, shipping, and storing metals. They work with scrap buyers, sellers, wholesalers, retailers, and bankers. Read more about Elemetal.

Engelhard – Former Fortune 500 in Iselin, New Jersey, Engelhard Corporation is credited with developing the first production catalytic converter. In 2006, the German chemical manufacturer BASF bought Engelhard. Thus, their silver bars are sought after by collectors due to mint history. Read more about Engelhard.

Franklin Mint – Joseph Segel founded this mint in 1964 in Wawa, Pennsylvania. Sequential Brands Group in New York City, New York owns the brand name. They not only offer precious metals, but sell other American and patriotic merchandise featuring faces of our Founding Fathers. Read more about Franklin Mint.

G – O – Private Mints

Geiger Edelmetalle – This mint offers the American precious metal trading companies an interesting range of products made in Germany. Their store is within the Via Mat campus in Inwood, New York. You can find their silver bars with most major online retailers online and off. Read more about Geiger Edelmetalle

Grove Minting  – Founded in 2011 in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, Grove Minting Company specializes in investment metal bullion commemoratives. Released annually, these pieces showcase some of the lesser known coinage designs throughout American and European history. Read more about Grove Minting.

Johnson Matthey – This British speciality chemicals and sustainable technologies company headquartered in the United Kingdom. Johnson Matthey is listed on the London Stock Exchange, and has been on the FTSE 100 Index since 2002. Their silver bars are collector’s items. Read more about Johnson Matthey.

MK Barz – Private mint specializing in hand poured silver bullion and American coins. Established in Los Angeles, California, in 2014 they provide service to the U.S. and Canada. Family owned for over 32 years. They make shapes clubs, hearts, Greek letters, horseshoes, American Flags. Read more about MK Barz.

Monarch Precious Metals – This mint incorporated in 2008, and is located in Medford, Oregon. They offer original silver rounds, as well as premium hand poured silver bars of many shapes and sizes. Their one ounce tombstone bars are unique, shiny, and chunky. Read more about Monarch Precious Metals.

Osborne Coinage – This is a United States coin maker located at Massachusetts Ave. in Cincinnati, Ohio. This private mint makes custom medallions, keytags, tokens, aluminum coins, brass medallions, Mardi Gras doubloons, antique bronze, items in gold and silver, and more. Read more about Osborne Coinage.

P – Z – Private Mints

Pamp Suisse – This is a Switzerland-based independent refiner of precious metals. Pamp Suisse specializes in precious metal products for artistic use. Read more about Pamp Suisse.

Prospector’s Gold and Gems – Direct refiner of gold, silver & other precious metals and manufacturer of fine jewelry, coins, and bullion products, PG&G has been built over the past 17 years by Founder David Emslie. They operate out of Fort Collins, Colorado. Read more about Prospector’s Gold and Gems.

Scottsdale Mint – Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, this mint provides some of the most unique bullion products available to consumers today.  Their innovations include grooved 2 and 5 oz silver rounds called “Stacker Rounds” and Tombstone silver bullion products. Read more about Scottsdale Mint.

SilverTowne – This private mint started in 1949. This 60-year old mint was founded by Leon Hendrickson. SilverTowne is one of the country’s largest and most respected dealers of rare coins, modern coins, and precious metals. You can order direct or through precious metals retailers. Read more about SilverTowne.

Sunshine Minting – A privately held company based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, that processes silver, gold and other precious metals. Sunshine Minting is a supplier of silver planchets to the United States Mint and as the manufacturer of the private Liberty Dollar coins. Read more about Sunshine Minting.

Highland Mint – This private mint is full service. It started in the early 1980s and owns a 40,000 square foot building in Melbourne, Florida. They have in-house abilities include layout and design, sculpting and die making. They offer heavy printing of things like sports memorabilia. Read more about Highland Mint.

Valcambi – Valcambi is a precious metals refining company located in Balerna, Switzerland. They refine gold, silver, platinum and palladium into various forms including cast and minted bars, rounds, coins, and other semi-finished casting products. They are highly respected in Europe. Read more about Valcambi.

Content updated on May 10th, 2017.