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Monarch Precious Metals is based in Medford, Oregon, and was incorporated in 2008. Monarch Precious metals offers handcrafted bars and rounds. They were formed in response to the increasing demand for gold and silver bullion. This mint produces bars and rounds Egyptian Half Bag Monarch Precious Metalsfrom refined raw material, and hand pour and mark them the traditional way. Monarch Precious Metals is a privately held company with their headquarters in Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley. This company is a favorite among stackers due to the chunky look and feel of their most popular bars.

Every piece created is a prize to silver stackers. One can see a wide variety of stackers showing their own Monarch Precious Metals’ pieces on YouTube, with more than 5,250 results on the topic.

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Review of Monarch Precious Metals:

This mint holds a special place in our heart. It was the first mint from where we bought hand poured silver. We eventually bought three of their 10 oz hand poured bars, which is just enough to make a mini pyramid. They are a sight to behold, and we can’t wait to get more. There is just something about the logo, name, and how they appear stamped on the metal makes the holder enjoy how amazing hand poured silver bars can be. They also offer typical and original silver rounds like basketball.

Mint Location:

Monarch Precious Metals is located at 3977 Crater Lake Hwy Medford, Oregon, in the zip code 97504. Below is a Google maps street view photo of this location. We’re unsure which building the actual minting occurs in, or if it’s just an office where the day to day needs of business work is fulfilled.

monarch precious metals

Monarch Precious Metals’ Claim to Fame:

Hand poured 10 ounce silver bars, majestic logo, with an extra element of shine and chunkiness. Their 1 ounce tombstone bars are unique. The company also offers interesting supplemental items for storing silver, such as leather pouches.

Videos of the Mint:


According to their BBB, there are six major executives that have jurisdiction over Monarch Precious Metals. Most likely there there two major principles, the rest of the names listed are their children. Linda Kaylor, Daniel Anthony, Donald Anthony, Desirae Anthony, and Matthew Kaylor.

Monarch Precious Metals